360 Image of JISC Digi Fest

Completing the View – 360 Project

Some young people, particularly those with an autistic spectrum condition or anxiety can find that it’s a challenge to move from a small high school to a large open college campus.

To help students coming to my own college make the transition I’ve produced lots of 360 images, similar to the kind of thing you would find on Google Street View. Students can become familiar  and comfortable with the college campus in advance of them attending as a student.

The images and video have been very popular and at the time of posting, they’ve been viewed more than 15,000 times in only 3 months. While this work forms only a small part of my college’s local offer for SEND, I think it’s a really good example of how technology can be used to make an environment more accessible.

Photo taken using a Theta Rioch S using an Android phone before being processed into a photosphere
Google Maps Banner Runshaw 360 Photo
One of the 360 photos as the banner for Runshaw College on Google Maps

You can view some of the 360 images of the Langdale Road Campus here and of the Euxton Lane Campus here. The photos were taken with a Ricoh Theta S and then processed with their app for PC before being uploaded to Google Maps.

The camera also shoots 360 video, a sample of which can be seen below. The video is a work in progress proof of concept resource, but it’s an interesting example of how 360 video can be used to support people with disabilities.

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