Exam Room Computers

Reflecting on Read & Write Gold

Earlier last month I, along with 8 other staff from my department,  participated in a training day with a trainer from Text Help. I’m looking to improve the way AT is used in our exams and moving from FOSS software like Orato to a more robust piece of software like Read & Write gold seems like a sensible step at this point.

I have past experience of using Read and Wite Gold but I didn’t anticipate how well received it was going to be by the other staff attending the training. The reception was great and we all came away from the session very impressed.

The list of features the software has is huge, and I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to use the software in lots of ways outside of exams. One feature than some of the support workers are most interested in is the prediction tool. We are hoping that this feature will come in useful for students using adapted input methods as it should speed up their typing significantly. Especially when used with the custom word banks you can download or create for the software.

Read and Write Gold Screenshot
Read and Write Gold Prediction Tool

I’ll be doing some more posts about Read and Write Gold again in the future, and aim to share some videos looking at how I’m going to set things up for exams. Keep an eye on future posts where I’ll take a look at what impact this new way of working has on the department and it’s students.

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